It is often the simplest donations that have the biggest impact. 

This Monday morning, MWCT made a special visit to Iltilal Primary School within the Kuku Group Ranch.

Previous Campi ya Kanzi guests, Harry and Gayle Fikentscher, generously donated several laptops to our Education Program, that were picked up by staff member Noeleen Livingstone on a quick visit to the USA.

The laptops came loaded with the Microsoft Word and Excel, important for the older kids to learn to use for school reports and papers. MWCT filled the laptops with some great games and software aimed at encouraging the younger kids to improve their spelling, typing, and math skills in a stress-free and fun format. Even the library assistants and teachers enjoyed playing the games.

What seems normal in the United States or United Kingdom, for kids to have easy access to computers for learning and development, is a rarity for many kids growing up in Kenya.

Learn more about how you can help educate the future generation of Maasai wildlife and wilderness stewards by visiting our Education Page.

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