Protecting & Preserving Kenya's Natural Habitats

MWCT has developed an ambitious model for a network of land conservancies zones focused on securing the integrity of key ecosystem components and services that lie within the Group Ranches in the Tsavo-Amboseli ecosystem. The network of land conservancies aim to protect the most ecologically important zones (wildlife corridors, grassland reserves, watersheds and springs) and the long term lease deals in our model would ensure that good stewardship of the ecosystem would also equate with meaningful sustainable revenue for the community.

To demonstrate the viability of this program MWCT has negotiated, secured and funded two such lease deals, totaling over 12,000 acres, for a key habitat reserve and a critical wetland that lies directly within the wildlife migration corridor. This has shown the community that land protection and land leases are viable options supporting community development and an effective collaboration between conservation and development goals.

We are currently securing a third conservancy zone of 7,000 acres around a key water source (Olpusare Spring) within the wildlife migration corridor and to find specific sources of long-term funding for the lease payments while also beginning to raise money for a permanent endowment to fund the land conservancies network with the aim of scaling the network throughout the ecosystem.