We are conducting our dry season rangeland monitoring on Kuku Group Ranch this week and had a fantastic time out in the field with Muterian Ntanin our Ranger Commander.
This monitoring is over the entire Kuku in 24 sample plots to monitor how the vegetation is changing over time and season (dry/wet) and distance to settlements etc. 
We can then monitor the level of overgrazing and also how effective our projects (Naga rehabilitation and Holistic Grazing Management) are working in the field.
Here is a photo of Muterian up in the Chyulu Hills near Oltiasika.
He is here with one of his favorite tree species: Olmotoo (in Maasai).
Maasai Name: Olmotoo
English: Common Wild Pear
Scientific: Dombeya rotundifolia

By Iain Olivier (Conservation & Programs Manager)

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