We are very pleased to announce the success of our recent collaring operation where we were able to collar two magnificent male lion from different areas on the Kuku Group Ranch. The two lion, named Lentim and Orkirioi were both fitted with new VHF & GPS tracking collars, and we are happy to announce that both individuals are in good health and the collars and are transmitting valuable data.

The purpose of collaring lions on Kuku Group Ranch is done in order to reduce human wildlife conflict, which often results in the retaliatory killing of lions. Thus, data collected assists in minimizing conflict when we are able to inform herders about the location of lions before these conflicts arise. Data collected also aids in a better understanding of lion behavior and biology allowing us to conserve this critically endangered species.

Lion researcher and former MWCT Conservation Manager, Lana Müller and our new conservation manager, Iain Olivier, conducted this operation together with Dr. Poghon and his team from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Veterinary Unit.

The collaring of both Lentim and Orkirikoi was a great success, and took a great deal of hard work and dedication from all team members. Congratulations and a big thanks to all team members involved for their commitment, patience and hard work!

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