Dolphin killed by tourists

Last week, a rare species of baby dolphin was left to die in the muddy sands on an Argentinian beach, after being grabbed from the sea and passed around on shore by swimmers and beachgoers – all for the perfect selfie.

There are fewer than 30,000 La Plata dolphins remaining in the wild, only being found in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has this species listed as ‘vulnerable’ on it’s Red List of Threatened Species.

Video and photo footage of the incident shows no concerned citizens attempting to step in and stop the appalling act, nor afterwards when it was abandoned on the shore to die.

MWCT prefers to publish stories of conservation success, but it is equally important to shed light on the very real threat so many species and habitats are facing each and every day – human beings.

Our exponential presence in numbers alone, is enough to cause great impact on wildlife and wilderness. There’s no need to enhance this negative impact by purposefully causing harm to defenseless and vulnerable wildlife, simply to fulfill the egotistical and self-serving desire to get “the perfect selfie” – a trend that is increasingly and vastly becoming a problematic and innate characteristic of humans across the globe.

Please be kind to the amazing creatures that make this planet so beautiful.

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