Words by: Dr. Kisika (MWCT Doctor)

“Wringing the throttle, the full power of the two stroke suzuki off road bike lurches him forward over basanites and basalts. These volcanic rocks, steep dusty paths, undergrowth and all sorts of impediments don’t slow Felix down. Indeed, our lab technologist had decided that the scorching savanna sun can dampen his shirt with sweat but not his resolve to attain his targets. Along with his passenger Naiserian, a community health volunteer, they traversed this difficult terrain, surmounting all odds to ensure that all children under five years had received the polio vaccine.

All this happened in our third quarter. Our staff in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Kuku Group Community Health Volunteers, ran emergency polio response campaigns. A recent analysis had identified Kajiado County as among the areas at high risk of polio transmission due to low immunization coverage. Therefore, armed with cold boxes to ensure viability and potency of vaccines, team spirit and a stroker, our dedicated team embarked on medical crusade to kick some polio butt!

Three campaigns later, spanning July to September, saw a total of 3,612 children being inoculated. The team exceeded their targets hands down. MWCT Health team – 3, Terrain – 0. We commend the team as we await the next round of polio campaigns slated to commence on 20th of October.”

Photos below depict our lab technician, Felix and community health volunteer, Naiserian!

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