With the collaboration of MWCT Rangers, Simba Scouts and KWS, Lion operations have been contracted in Samai and the operation is still going, due to a pride of eight lions causing great conflict in that area. The operation was so effective at Samai that the pride moved to Maralal where an operation has now been started in the area.

Lion conflict in Samai lessened throughout March. Four new Simba Scouts dedicated to tracking these lions were employed to help reassure and protect the community. The employment of these new Simba Scouts together with the collaboration between Rangers and Simba Scouts has had a significant impact on the problem. The community are being informed of the hideouts of the lions enabling them to better protect their livestock.

On 2nd April a week long lion collaring exercise will begin in Kuku. Both Lorpolosie and Neluai will be re-collared because their satellite collars are either no longer working or about to expire. One lion will also be collared in Samai and tracked daily as a measure to reduce conflict.

Thanks to the collaboration between Simba Scouts and Rangers, two lion hunts have been stopped this month. One was in Samai on 20th March after three lions killed a cow in the boma. The community tried to hunt the lion but the MWCT team on the ground together with David, Johanna and Muterian were able to persuade the community to abandon the hunt.

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