Our first aerial wildlife count of the year was conducted on May 14th 2017. Two teams of five headed out early that morning in two Cessna 206s to cover a distance of 800 miles/1300km over the course of 4 hours.


Why is counting wild animals important?
So that we are able to know
• how many animals are within the Kuku Group Ranch
• where these animals are found
• when (at what time of year) they are found

This information helps provide comparable data on overall wildlife population within the respective area, increase the productivity of wildlife based programs and contribute to improved management of habitats.

Why is it important to count wildlife more than once a year?
Under normal circumstances wildlife numbers do not change rapidly. Because of very distinct changes in precipitation throughout the year, it’s important to evaluate the number wildlife for all seasons. For example we need to know if the population is slowly increasing, slowly decreasing or not changing at all. Knowing this trend in population numbers allows us to make reliable management decisions in conservation and take appropriate strategic action when necessary.

O U R   R E S U L T S

T H E   T E A M
Left to Right: Emmanuel, Lanoi, Tricia (crouching), Michael, Muterian, David, Lenayai, Iain, Irene, LucaIMG_9757

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