Outreach services are a big part of the health services MWCT provides to the Maasai community. 8 outreaches were conducted within this period. A total of 152 individuals received medical attention; amongst these were 52 children under five. Twenty women received prenatal examinations and laboratory testing.

The laboratory outreach program has been operational and over the past three months, 3 outreaches to the Langata­Enkima dispensary have been conducted. The MWCT laboratory technician has conducted 21 discrete tests during these outreaches. This has provided the clinicians at the dispensary with valuable diagnostic support ensuring evidence based prescriptions.

In the first quarter of 2016, members of the MWCT health team conducted 8 outreaches to various places in Kuku group ranch. The objective of this health outreach service is to mitigate the barriers to health access that harsh geographical and inadequate trained medical personnel that residents in remote and underserved villages face.

Breast cancer education continues to be an important goal of the MWCT health department. The community health worker­led health education program held 8 sessions this quarter. In total, 56 women were taught breast self­awareness. The health director conducted three monitoring and feedback sessions for the program attached CHWs.

MWCT recently launched a new revised appointment card for women receiving family planning services in health facilities. In addition to the patient details, blood pressure, weight and return date columns in the old cards, the revised card has columns for whether:

∙ A clinical breast exam been done on the patient.
∙ A cervical screen has been done on the patient.
∙ A HIV/AIDS screen has been done on the patient.

These additions are designed to encourage the clinician to follow national guidelines when reviewing patients and keeping track of what health services the women is due for. 500 revised appointment cards have been distributed to four health facilities.

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